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Zygmunt Budge
Zygmunt Budge
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  • "Fungus-face" (by his mother)
  • The Hermit of Hermetray (by his neighbour on the Isle of Harris)
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"I am Zygmunt Budge, and I am the greatest potion-maker ever born. This is no empty boast. I invented many of the wizarding world's most powerful potions. I discovered the properties of hundreds of secret plants and creatures. I have dedicated my life to the most mysterious and misunderstood branch of magic, and these pages contain the secrets of my art, distilled for new generations of Hogwarts students."
Foreword, Book of Potions.[src]

Zygmunt Budge[3] (fl. 16th century)[4] was a wizard and an expert potioneer, one of the most accomplished ever known. Considered an "eccentric, unstable, and vengeful wizard", he was a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in his youth, but left the school at the age of fourteen. After this, he would move to the remote island of Hermetray in the Hebrides, where he lived in solitude, conducted experiments and wrote the Book of Potions, a textbook on the brewing of various potions.[4]

After his death, some of his personality lingered in his Book of Potions, and was capable of acting like a guide to future readers of the book.[4]


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