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|born=[[13 May]], [[1940s|1949]]<br />
|born=[[13 May]], [[1940s|1949]] Stoke on Trent Staffordshire England United Kingdom
New York City, New York, [[United States of America|USA]]
|nationality=[[United States of America|America]]n-[[Great Britain|British]]
|nationality=[[United States of America|America]]n-[[Great Britain|British]]
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[[es:Zoë Wanamaker]]
[[fr:Zoë Wanamaker]]
[[fr:Zoë Wanamaker]]
[[ru:Зоэ Уонамейкер]]
[[ru:Зоэ Уонамейкер]]
[[pl:Zoe Wanamaker]]
[[pl:Zoe Wanamaker]]
[[Category:Actors (real-world)|Wanamaker, Zoe]]
[[Category:Actors (real-world)|Wanamaker, Zoë]]
[[Category:American actors (real-world)]]
[[Category:American actors (real-world)|Wanamaker, Zoë]]

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Zoë Wanamaker
Biographical information

13 May, 1949 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire England United Kingdom






5' 3½"[1]


Years active


In Harry Potter

Rolanda Hooch

Zoë Wanamaker CBE, (born 13 May, 1949), is an American-British actress who played Rolanda Hooch in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and is one of the few American actors in the series. Outside the Potter franchise she is wellknown for her role as Susan Harper in the British sitcom My Family.


Joyful Zoë Wanamaker.

As well as these roles, she has appeared in a number of series and films including three television adaptations of Agatha Christie's Poirot and Marple, as well as two episodes of Doctor Who playing Cassandra the Last Human.

Throughout her theatrical career she has been nominated for numerous awards, three of which she has won, and holds both American and British nationalities having obtained her British citizenship in order to accept a CBE from the Queen.

Early lifeEdit

Zoë Wanamaker was born in New York City to Charlotte Holland and Sam Wanamaker and trained at Central School of Speech and Drama.

Personal lifeEdit

In November 1994, she married Irish actor Gawn Grainger. She is a patron of Dignity in Dying and of the Young Actors Theatre Islington. She has two sisters; Abbey and Jessica.

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