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Zabini family
Family heritage
Blood status

Pure-blood (possibly)

Notable family members


Zabini is the surname of a wizarding family. It is unknown if they are pure-blood or have both magical and Muggle heritage. Judging by the low opinion Blaise Zabini expressed of "blood traitors" and his association with elitist pure-bloods such as Draco Malfoy[1], however, they likely at least claim to be pure-blood.

Known Family Members


The surname Zabini is Italian, suggesting that the family is of at least partly Italian descent. It bears similarity to the name of a custard-like Italian dessert, Zabaione.

Notes and references

  1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  2. It is unknown if Blaise's mother is a Zabini by birth or by marriage, or what her current married name is.

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