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Wyvern of Wye
Physical information

Dragon-like creature

The Wyvern of Wye was a dragon-like creature that terrorized the West Country sometime during the lifetime of King Arthur. The beast was fought by Sir Cadogan, one of the Knights of the Round Table, who bravely engaged it in combat. The Wyvern, however, was too strong for Cadogan, and it managed to eat Cadogan's horse, break his wand, and melt his sword and visor with fire before Cadogan could escape. The two then had a second, shorter encounter after Cadogan managed to procure another mount, an overweight pony that was grazing in a nearby meadow. The Wyvern bent its head to try to gobble up the knight and his new steed, but Cadogan's damaged, misfiring wand stabbed into its tongue and ignited the fumes from its stomach, causing the beast to explode.


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