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Once worldwide, now confined to mostly northern areas.

Wolves are a species of canine closely related to the domestic dog.[1] A human affected with lycantrophy will turn into a wolf-like being known as a werewolf every full moon. It appears to be a staple of the Hogwarts Defence Against the Dark Arts curriculum to teach the difference between a werewolf and the true wolf; it was a question on the 1976 Ordinary Wizarding Levels[2], and Severus Snape taught it as part of a lesson on werewolves during a lesson he was teaching as a substitute in 1993.[3]

Remus Lupin's Patronus Charm took the form of a wolf, as did that of Nymphadora Tonks once she fell in love with him in summer 1995.[4]

A pack of wolves lived in the Forbidden Forest. They were kind and gentle but acted vicious to scare children away from the forest.


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