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Wizards' Council
Organisation information

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Governing body of the magical community of Britain before the founding of the Ministry of Magic

The Wizards' Council was the predecessor to the Ministry of Magic, and governed the wizarding community of Great Britain until the formation of the Ministry. The council may have continued as part of the Ministry as the Wizengamot.

Known Wizards' Council members

Known Wizard's Council Actions

  • 1362: Made it illegal to play Quidditch within 50 miles of towns.
  • 1368: Amended the ban on Quidditch by outlawing all playing within 100 miles of a town.
  • 1499: Decreed that Quidditch should not be played anywhere where there is the slightest chance a Muggle could see and that violators of that decree would be chained to the wall of a dungeon.

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