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Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts
School information

Great Britain

Permanent Residents

Herbert Beery

The Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts (W.A.D.A.) is a wizarding school that provides education for young witches and wizards who seek a theatrical or performance career. The school was founded sometime after 1928, as no wizarding stage schools existed that year for a then-11 Celestina Warbeck to attend.[1] Professor Herbert Beery began teaching at the Academy after leaving the post of Herbology Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Four graduates of W.A.D.A. named Beckett, Virginia, Samuel, and Darby put on free puppet shows based on Beedle the Bard's The Tale of the Three Brothers and The Fountain of Fair Fortune at Carkitt Market during the late 1990s.[2]

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