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*[[The Chocolate Frogs]]
*[[The Chocolate Frogs]]
*[[Creevey Crisis]]
*[[Creevey Crisis]]
*The Crumple-Horned Snorkacks
*Detention with Dolores
*Detention with Dolores
*Devil's Snare
*Devil's Snare

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An track cover by Harry and the Potters.

Wizard rock, also known as wrock (pronounced rock), is a genre of music based on the Harry Potter series started by Harry and the Potters, Joe and Paul DeGeorge of Boston, Massachusetts, in 2002. They were joined by Draco and the Malfoys in 2004, when Harry and the Potters were invited by Matt Maggiacomo, who later became The Whomping Willows, to a house show in Matt's apartment.

On the night of 20 July, the night before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released, Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys and The Hungarian Horntails gave a free concert at Harvard Square (or Hogwarts Square as they renamed it) for the one night, celebrating, or mourning, the release of the final book in the series.


A track cover by The Hungarian Horntails.


A poster by Harry and the Potters.

Almost all of these bands can be found at their respective MySpaces, as can the magazine Brown Paper Magazine, whose second issue has an introduction and many interviews with Wrock bands, including Harry and the Potters, The Ministry of Magic, The Remus Lupins, the Harry Potter Alliance, Voldemort, and the semi-fictional band Professor Trelawney and her Crystal Balls. The Podcast of Awesome is a Wizard Rock podcast featuring many different bands, and a Wrock band member has been a co-host in six out of the nine episodes that have been published.

A track cover by Draco and the Malfoys.

The Harry Potter Alliance

The Harry Potter Alliance is a human rights group spreading their message through Wrock and other ways, who have allied themselves with most Wizard Rock bands, especially Harry and the Potters, and have adopted the line from the song "The Weapon," 'The Weapon we have is Love' as their rallying cry. Although not a band, they have given a song called "the Harry Potter Alliance Rap" in the Wizards and Muggles Rock for Social Justice CD, produced by Cheap Rent.

Known Wizard Rock Bands

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