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Witchita Banana
Witchita Banana
Album information


Record label

Incantation Records

Musical genre

Up-tempo, instrumental jazz

Witchita Banana was a phonograph album featuring up-tempo, instrumental jazz released by Incantation Records. Remus Lupin owned a copy, which he played (on a C. Gilbert & Co. Ltd. Geisha gramophone) during a third year Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson concerning Boggarts in 1993, presumably as way to help lighten the mood while students faced their greatest fears.

Behind the scenes

  • The name of this record can be seen in this virtual tour of Professor Lupin's classroom from
  • Witchita Banana may be a pun on Chiquita Banana.
  • The song is a piece of stock music composed by Dick Walters entitled "Hot Liquorice". It was also featured on an X-Files episode, "Triangle".


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