Sage Bragnam: "Mathilda, your 'WW' is one Winifred Whittle, the founder of WHIFF!… The Witches' Holistic Institute for Friends of Fairies."
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "And this is a… well-known organisation?"
Sage Bragnam: "Actually, I believe Winifred and I are the only members."
Sage Bragnam to Mathilda Grimblehawk, after analysing Winifred Whittle's journal[src]

The Witches' Holistic Institute for Friends of Fairies (WHIFF) was an environmentalist organisation committed to the preservation of fairies and their natural habitats.[1]

Apart from the founder, Winifred Whittle, the only member was Sage Bragnam, magical historian.[1]


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