"Goodness gratious! You've found Witch's Ganglion! A most rare, pond-dwelling plant. I've heard tell of its throbbing blood-red bulb from wizards who journeyed in the Far East! I've no reliable information as to its properties; we'd better handle with care."
Zygmunt Budge.[src]

Witch's Ganglion is a rare plant with magical properties. It has a distinctive blood-red bulb that throbs.[1]

Witch's Ganglion is endemic to the Far East, and grows on ponds. It is of some rarity, since knowledge of it in the Western world is limited to anecdotes of wizards who journeyed East and encountered it; its magical properties are, as a result, vastly unknown, however, it is known that it is a powerfully magical potion ingredient, since it is one of the constituents of the Potion of All Potential.[1]


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