Winky Crockett's Elbow Grease was a magical cleaning product that promised to "magic that hard to shift dirty away in a flash."[2] It was invented and/or manufactured by Winky Crockett.[2]


In 1926, the sisters Porpentina and Queenie Goldstein owned a can of elbow which they kept on the kitchen shelf of their New York apartment. In the 1990s, Rubeus Hagrid kept Winky Crockett Elbow Grease in his hut on the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,[1] and Molly Weasley kept a box of this product at the Burrow.[2]

Behind the scenes

"You will be polishing the silver in the trophy room with Mr Filch. And no magic, Weasley — elbow grease."
Minerva McGonagall.[src]


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