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Winged horse racing

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Laurentia Fletwock, celebrated winged horse racer.

Winged horse racing is the racing of winged horses. It is unknown whether there are individual races for each breed, or if there are just general winged horse races open to all breeds, however the former is most likely as Granians are famous for their speed and would put the other participants at a disadvantage. The only known competitve racer is Laurentia Fletwock, who also breeds the horses.

It is thought that thestrals and pegasi may have been raced as well but no records confirm of deny this theory. Hippogriffs are also a possibility. While they are not strictly speaking winged horses, they may have either competed in a similar race, or may have been permitted to race with the other winged horses because they were so similar.

Flight of the Hippogriff (Concept Artwork for the HP3 movie)

A Hippogriff


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