The Wimbourne Wasps were a Quidditch team in the British and Irish Quidditch League, based in the town of Wimbourne, Dorset. Founded in 1312, their robes are horizontal yellow and black stripes with a wasp on the chest. The team has won the League Cup at least eighteen times, and have twice been semi-finalists in the European Cup.

Wimbourne Wasps versus Appleby Arrows

The Wimbourne Wasps' Beater bats a wasps' nest towards the Appleby Arrows Seeker

The team adopted the wasp as their emblem after a game against the Appleby Arrows in the mid-seventeenth century, in which one of their Beaters batted a wasps' nest towards the opposing Seeker, who was so badly stung he had to retire. Their fans are known as Stingers , and they make loud buzzing sounds to distract opposing Chasers taking penalties.

Ludo Bagman was originally a member of this team, and was congratulated by a juror during his trial for his performance in one of his matches for England against Turkey, but eventually left and became the Head of Department of Magical Games and Sports. The Wasps won the League Cup three times in a row when Bagman played for them.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • There is a famous rugby team whose name is London Wasps. It may be a reference. Both teams are based in England and both teams wear yellow and black striped robes. The mascot and the logo of the teams are similar.
  • Also JK Rowling is from a village called Winterbourne near Bristol and could have gotten the name from this.


Notes and references

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