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The Weird Sisters were a very popular band in the wizarding world, and on the Wizarding Wireless Network. Albus Dumbledore booked them to perform in Hogwarts at the 1994 Yule Ball. Despite their name, all eight known members are male.

Performing and singularity

The Weird Sisters are a popular band among young wizards and witches.


Among the Weird Sisters' songs was "Do the Hippogriff", "Magic Works" and "This Is the Night" which they played at the Yule Ball.


Among the band's instruments were a set of drums, several guitars, a cello, a lute and some bag pipes. When performing in Hogwarts during the Yule Ball, they performed on a magically-appearing stage.


All members of the band were described as being extremely hairy and all wore black robes that had been artfully torn.


The band was popular enough that the marriage of the bass player in 1995 made front-page news in the Daily Prophet.[1]

Known band members


The term "Weird Sisters" was the name given to the three prophetic witches in the play "Macbeth," by William Shakespeare ("weïrd" being Old English for "fate" or "destiny"). Harry Potter series author J. K. Rowling has stated is quite possibly her favourite Shakespeare play.[2]Interestingly, the Spanish edition of the books refers to the band by the name las Brujas de Macbeth (Macbeth's Witches). It is also interesting to point out a second allusion to Macbeth made in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (film) when the Frog Choir sings "Double Double Toil and Trouble", which is a direct quote from the play.

This is arguably where J. K. Rowling got the idea for the band's name from, although a variant of the name, Wyrd Sisters, was used as the title of a 1988 Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett.

There is also a possibility that the name is a play on the heavy rock band, Twisted Sister.

However, the name has no relation with a popular pop rock band, Scissor Sisters, as the American band was formed in 2001.

Behind the scenes

Portrayers of the Weird Sisters


Notes and References

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