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"Mum sends us a jumper every Christmas. And mine's always maroon."
Ron Weasley[src]

A Weasley jumper is a home-made jumper owned by members of the Weasley family. They are made by Molly Weasley for family and friends and sent as Christmas gifts. They usually vary in colour, but often have the recipient's first initial on the front.[2] Fred and George seem to enjoy them, calling them "lovely and warm," but Ron dislikes the fact that his jumper is always maroon.[2]

Beginning in 1991, Harry Potter also began receiving an annual Weasley jumper. This would be among the first meaningful Christmas presents Harry had ever received. His were usually much more extravagant, including one with the picture of a Hungarian Horntail.[3]

In 1992, Ginny Weasley owned a jumper that the cat was wearing.[4]

In 1994, Ron Weasley gave his jumper to Dobby the house elf, who was overjoyed by it.

In 1995, Percy Weasley, who had broken contact with the family following Voldemort's return, returned his jumper to Molly unopened.

In 1996, it was noted that Molly did not make one of these for Fleur Delacour, apparently not wanting to "waste one on her." At the time, Molly did not approve of Fleur's upcoming marriage to her son, William Weasley.

In 2017, Hermione Granger, whilst on the Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, asked her daughter, Rose Weasley whether she had her jumper or not.

Behind the scenes

  • Other terms for jumper include sweater, pullover, or jersey. Sweater is used in the Scholastic editions of the Harry Potter novels, because in American English, jumper refers to what the British call a pinafore dress.


Notes and references

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