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This waterfall is a descending flow of water through the mountainous landscape around Hogwarts Castle that can be seen from the Quidditch Pitch. In 1995, Harry Potter came to this place to reflect on the return of Voldemort.[1]

Behind the scenes

Waterfall 4

Harry on a stone at the Waterfall

  • It is only known to exist in the films. It is seen when Harry flies over it when being chased by the Hungarian Horntail. There is also an alternate ending scene to the film. In it, Harry sits on a stone near the waterfall; Ron and Hermione come up to him, and the three overlook the maze. This scene was replaced with the departure of the students of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang for an unknown reason (a fan-made petition has been created for it to be released). However, that scene is featured on the ending cutscene of the respective video game.


Notes and references

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