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The Black Lake, a large body of water

"Harry's heart gave a huge leap every time he saw the word 'water' on a page, but more often than not it was merely 'Take two pints of water, half a pound of shredded mandrake leaves, and a newt...'"
—Harry searches for references to water, hoping for help on the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament.[src]

Water is a colourless, odourless molecule consisting of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen. Regular consumption of water is vital to the survival of humans and most other than living organisms, and it has a number of other practical uses, including its use in bathing and cooking. It most often appears in liquid form, but at high temperatures becomes a vapour, and when chilled becomes either ice, or snow when falling as precipitation. Water can be found in large amounts in , such as the Black Lake, or in oceans, in which it takes the form of salt water, water with a heavy concentration of salt.

In the Wizarding world, water has a number of applications, such as its use in Potions, the preferred form being standard potioning water. It can be produced at will using magic. Lethe River Water is a special type of water with magical properties, collected from the Lethe.

Humans can normally not survive underwater, as gills are required to breathe in water, but wizards can survive using charms such as the Bubble-Head Charm, or magical plants like Gillyweed.

Baptism is a Christian ritual that normally involves the use of water.


In 1995, while searching for information that would help him survive the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament, Harry Potter searched books feverishly for references to "water," but generally found unhelpful information such as Potions suggestions with phrases like "take two pints of water..."[1]

Later that year, the cauldron that was used in the Rebirth of Tom Riddle was said to be filled with what appeared to be water.[2]

The Horcrux cave was enchanted with a spell that caused all water-based magic to fail, making it such that the only source of water was the lake within the cave, attracting the attention of the Inferi. The Drink of Despair caused anyone who drank it to desperately crave water, thus laying the trap.[3]

Water-based magic

Types of water


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