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"Large and dangerous insect that can repeatedly deliver a nasty sting."
—The Folio Bruti.[src]

The wasp is a member of a suborder of insects that also includes the ant and bee. Wasps are noted for being capable of repeatedly delivering a painful sting. Varieties of wasp include the tarantula hawk and the Vampyr Mosp, the latter being a wasp-moth hybrid. Regular wasps are particularly susceptible to the Knockback Jinx, the Fire-Making Spell, the Full Body-Bind Curse, the Softening Charm, and Glacius. Like most winged creatures, however, they can resist the Levitation Charm.[1]

The wasp is considered a "lucky charm" by members of the Wimbourne Wasps, a Quidditch team named after the creature. This is believed to stem back to a mid-seventeen century match against the Appleby Arrows, which was decidedly turned in Wimbourne's favour when of of their Beaters hit a wasps' nest at the Apples' Seeker.[2]


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