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A wandmaker is a person who constructs wands for witches and wizards, and is thus an important occupation in wizarding society. The practice of making a wand is known as wandcraft. Wandmaking shops date back to at least the establishment of Ollivanders Wand Shop in 382 B.C., and some of the earliest wandmakers were the druids. Thought it was general practice in older times for the purchaser of a wand to provide their own core, generally of a traditional or well-liked substance, some modern wandmakers such as Garrick Ollivander procure their own cores, and claim to have found more success in doing so.

A related occupation is the wandkeeper, though it is unclear whether this is merely another term for wandmaker or a separate occupation. Regardless, one such example was an associate of Garrick Ollivander's working at the shop's Hogsmeade branch.

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