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[[es:Encantamiento que Extingue las Varitas]]
[[Category:Spells with Incantations of Latin Origin]]
[[Category:Spells with Incantations of Latin Origin]]

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"He groped behind him and she forced the bundle of slippery cloth into his free hand. With difficulty he dragged it over himself, murmured, 'Nox,' extinguishing his wand light, and continued on his hands and knees, as silently as possible, all his senses straining, expecting every second to be discovered, to hear a cold clear voice, see a flash of green light."
—Harry uses this, invisible, whilst crawling through the tunnel into the Whomping Willow.[src]

The Wand-Extinguishing Charm (Nox) is the countercharm for the Wand-Lighting Charm, Lumos. It causes the light at the end of the caster's wand to be extinguished. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger used it when trying to gain entry to the upstairs of the Shrieking Shack unobserved. Also used when Harry was in the passage beneath the Whomping Willow which leads to the Shrieking Shack.


In Latin, "nox" means "night." Nox is also the name of the Roman Goddess of night derived from Nyx (greek goddess of darkness and night).

Behind the scenes

  • In most of the video games, the Lumos Charm is estinguished by itself after some time, not requiring this spell.


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