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Vulnera Sanentur[1] is the incantation of a healing spell used to heal injuries ranging from minor cuts to deep gashes.

The incantation, which sounds "almost like song" sometimes must be repeated up to three times in a row to have maximum effect.[2] When Severus Snape used this spell to heal Draco Malfoy in 1997, the first time it was used the flow of blood eased up; the second time caused the wounds to knit; the third time removed most visible injuries near-instantaneously.[2]

It is unknown whether the spell always needs to be cast three times, or whether this was a unique situation caused by dark magic. The victim would still require medical treatment, but if dittany is applied immediately, scarring can be avoided.[2]

Known uses

Behind the scenes

  • The normal healing spell could not restore George's mutilated ear in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, because it was cursed off. (George's ear was cursed with the same spell as Harry used on Draco Malfoy. It wasn't used to heal George because Molly Weasley didn't know about the spell and it wouldn't be effective in regenerating his lost ear.)
  • The incantation of this spell was not mentioned in the book, only referred to as muttering instead.
  • In the book, Harry stood and watched Snape use the spell on Draco, because he himself was too shocked to be able to move. However, in the movie, Harry ran straight away to the Gryffindor common room.


Vulnera Sanentur derives from the Latin vulnus, "wound," (in which the roots of the English "vulnerable" may be seen) [3] and sanare, "to heal"; it is translated "may the wounds be healed."[4]


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