Vulchanov (or Vulchanova for female members of the family) was a Bulgarian wizarding family of unknown Blood Status.

Known members


  • The name Vulchanov means most likely wolf or lupine[1], or more specifically "Descendant of the Wolf".

Behind the scenes

  • Considering that Professor Vulchanova founded Durmstrang, a school notoriously known not to accept Muggle-born students, it's possible that the Vulchanovs are an ancient pure-blood family. However, it is unknown whether this ban on Muggle-born students was enacted starting with Vulchanova, or during the two "dark periods" in Durmstrang history: the Headmastership of Harfang Munter or that of Igor Karkaroff, both after Vulchanova's time.


Notes and references

  1. вълча or вълч translates from Bulgarian into English as Wolf or Lupine. The Easter European surname tradition indicates the suffix "ov" to convey, but not equal to, a belonging. In the case of Vulchanov it conveys, but not equal to, belonging to the wolf/lupine.