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Vratsa Vultures

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Vratsa Vultures
Quidditch Team information

Vratsa, Bulgaria


European Quidditch League

Most Glorious Hour

Being pioneers of the Long Goal

Won Championships

European Quidditch League Cup

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Quidditch Through the Ages

The Vratsa Vultures are a Quidditch team from Bulgaria. They have won the European Cup at least seven times. One occasion was in 1931. In 1932, they were defeated by the Appleby Arrows in a match that lasted for sixteen days in dense fog and rain.

They are the pioneers of the long goal (scoring from outside the scoring area), and are regarded as one the most thrilling teams to watch. They are also noted for giving new players the chance to prove themselves.

Behind the scenes

  • Vratsa is a city in northwestern Bulgaria.


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