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"Volubilis Potion is one of my favourites! Some people just use it to play tricks on others to change their voices... which seems a waste of a good potion to me."
Potions Club girl[src]

Volubilis Potion is a potion that alters the drinker's voice.


To brew this potion, one has to heat the initial mix of ingredients until it turns red, then green. Next, the potion-maker has to add Honeywater until the liquid turns pink. The brew has to be heated again, this time until it turns orange. When mint sprigs are added, the potion turns into a shade of green. The potion has to be heated once more, until it turns blue. Then, more mint sprigs are to be added. By this time the potion should be have turned pink again. Stewed Mandrake is to be added next, at which point the potion turns orange. A small amount of Syrup of Hellebore should be added next, turning the potion blue. To finish the brew, one has to heat the potion until it's red and heat it some more until it turns a pleasant yellow. Once finished, the potion should release some sparks.


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