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The violin is a string instrument, usually with four strings tuned in perfect fifths. It is the smallest, highest-pitched member of the violin family of string instruments, which includes the viola and cello.

During their performance of Something Wicked This Way Comes at the 1993 Start-of-Term Feast, a member of the Hogwarts orchestra played the violin.[1] Violins were also played in the 1994 Yule Ball of the Triwizard Tournament.[2]

Emanuel Hurwitz, a British violinist, gave a performance of Mozart's Sinfonia Concertanti with his wife Kay, a violist, and the Dollis Chamber Ensemble on Sunday 7 May in a year prior to 1997.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Charmed Violin

A charmed violin on the fifth-floor.


Notes and referencesEdit

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