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[[es:Violetta Bulstrode]]
[[es:Violetta Bulstrode]]
[[fr:Violetta Bulstrode]]
[[fr:Violetta Bulstrode]]
[[ru:Виолетта Бульстрод]]
[[Category:British individuals]]
[[Category:British individuals]]

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Violetta Black (née Bulstrode) was a pure-blood witch, the wife of Cygnus Black II, and the mother of Pollux, Cassiopeia, Marius, and Dorea[2]. She may be related to Millicent Bulstrode.


Violetta is a version of the name Violet, derived from the flower. It was the stage name of a German-born circus performer born without legs or arms who was well-known during the 1920s. The name Violetta could also be meant to mean violent or violence.

Behind the scenes


Notes and references

  1. Her youngest child was born in that year.
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