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"Todaye while travailing in the Herbe Garden, I did push aside the basil to discover a Ferret of monstrous size. It did not run nor hide as Ferrets are wont to do, but leapt upon me, throwing me backwards upon the grounde and crying with most unnatural fury, "Get out of it, baldy!" It did then bite my nose so viciously that I did bleed for several Hours. The Friar was unwillinge to believe that I had met a talking Ferret and did ask me whether I had been supping of Brother Boniface's Turnip Wine. As my nose was still swollen and bloody I was excused Vespers."
Brother Benedict, Middle Ages.[src]

This was an evening prayer service in the Catholic religion. After being bitten by a Jarvey and talking to the Friar about a "talking Ferret", Brother Benedict, a Franciscan monk from Worcestershire during the Middle Ages, was excused from the Vespers, as his nose was still swollen and bloody.[1]


Notes and references

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