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Very Important Members of Section M.I. Trx.

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The Very Important Members of Section M.I. Trx. was a board of jurists to whom the introduction of Educational Decrees was subject to approval.[1]


This Department may be on the same Level as the Department of Magical Education.


Notes and references

Ministry of Magic Departments
Unknown Levels
Committee on Experimental Charms · Magical Maintenance Department · Ministry of Magic Public Information Services · Department of Magical Education · Very Important Members of Section M.I. Trx. · Wizarding Examinations Authority · Research Committee · Exploding Bonbons Disposal Unit
Committee on Experimental Charms Personnel
Balfour Blane · Gilbert Wimple
Magical Maintenance Department Personnel
Reginald Cattermole · Orford Umbridge · Lift attendant · Man
Research Committee Personnel
Phoebus Penrose (Head)
Wizarding Examinations Authority Personnel
Griselda Marchbanks · Professor Tofty · Unidentified plump little witch examiner · Unidentified examiner with a wart on his nose

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