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Dursleys' cars
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Dursley family

The Dursley family have owned a few cars over the years.


This was the first car owned by the family. Vernon drove this car to work on 1 November, 1981. On this day Vernon saw a number of unusual things travelling to and from work.


The Dursley's car in 1981, which appears to be a Vauxhall Chevette


This car was owned by the Dursley family in at least 1991, possibly earlier. Vernon Dursley nearly crashed it while on the way to the Zoo, when Harry Potter mentioned that he had had a dream about a flying motorbike.


Harry was made to wash the car by Petunia as part of chores given for his taunting Dudley.[1]


At the beginning of the summer holidays, Vernon acquired a brand new company car. While the Dursleys stood outside "loudly" admiring the new car, Harry was able to use this time alone in the house to sneak some of his spell books out of the cupboard that Vernon had locked them in. Presumably this was the same car that the Dursleys, along with Hestia Jones and Dedalus Diggle, used to depart from 4 Privet Drive for the last time on 27 July, 1997.

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Notes and references

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