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"Monday. This reminded Harry of something. If it was Monday — and you could usually count on Dudley to know the days the week, because of television — then tomorrow, Tuesday, was Harry’s eleventh birthday. Of course, his birthdays were never exactly fun — last year, the Dursleys had given him a coat hanger and a pair of Uncle Vernon's old socks. Still, you weren't eleven every day."

Vernon Dursley owned a pair of old socks that were given to Harry Potter by the Dursleys for his tenth birthday on 31 July, 1990.[1] They were mustard-yellow in colour.[2]

On 1 September, 1993, while en route to Hogwarts Castle aboard the Hogwarts Express, Harry Potter's Sneakoscope started whistling, and Ronald Weasley stuffed it into one of this old socks to muffle the sound[3] and Harry kept it there for over a year.[3]

On 25 December, 1994, Harry gave this pair of socks to a delighted Dobby as a Christmas present.[2]


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