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Mrs Dursley was the mother of Vernon and Marjorie Dursley. Vernon proposed to Petunia Evans in the family's sitting room in 1977[2] and in Petunia's acceptance, this lady gained a daughter-in-law.


Dursley is a town in Gloucestershire, England. J. K. Rowling has commented that she visited the place as a child and hated it, which likely affected her choice of surname for the awful family, remarking "I don't imagine I'm very popular in Dursley".[3][4] The town is known for its Victorian history in coal mining. Rowling chose the name because it sounded "dull and forbidding".


Notes and references

  1. If her son proposed in 1977, then he must have been the legal age, presumably 18 years old. She must have been at least 18 as well to have been married and had him (assuming she followed the law). Hence, that sets her latest possible date of birth as 1941.
  2. Pottermore: The date of the proposal is based on a reference in that backstory to Lily still being in her seventh year at Hogwarts (1977-1978) at the time of the engagement, as well as a deleted scene on disc two of the Blu-ray edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, in which Petunia tells Harry, "I have lived in this house for twenty years", indicating the Dursleys were married and settled at 4 Privet Drive by the end 1977 since the scene is set in 1997.
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