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{{Spell infobox
{{Spell infobox
|name=Verdimillious Tria
|name=Verdimillious Tria
|image=[[File:Verdimillious Tria.png|250px]]
|incantation=''Verdimillious Tria''
|incantation=''Verdimillious Tria''

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Verdimillious Tria is a charm that causes green sparks and/or electrical discharge to explode and crackle around the foe, hurting them, acting as a more powerful version of Verdimillious Uno and Verdimillious Duo.

Behind the scenes

  • This spell appears to be related to Verdillious and Vermillious.
  • This spell is the highest known upgrade of Verdimillious.
  • Whilst this spell has only ever been seen in its offensive capacity it is unknown if it could also unveil objects hidden by Dark magic if one were to cast it in the way that its pre-cursors achieve this effect by i.e. by saying the incantation slowly whilst waving the wand overhead in a circle then making a forwards slashing motion (one would presume so).


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