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Vera Verto is a spell that Transfigures animals into water goblets. If done incorrectly or with a faulty wand the transformation will only be partially successful, as shown by Ron Weasley in 1992.

Behind the scenes

Scabbers Transfiguration 01

Ron Weasley's attempt with his broken wand.

  • The incantation for this spell is spelt "Vera Verto" in the DVD subtitles. Whether or not this is a mistranscription is unknown, however, one of the alternate spellings it could have, based purely in etymology, would be "Fera Verto".
  • When the students are practising this spell, the script identifies the rat Ron is attempting to transform as Scabbers. This is odd, as Scabbers is actually an Animagus.
  • In the video game version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry has to transform an animal into a cup during his practical Transfiguration OWL exam. It is unknown if this spell was Vera Verto. In the PC version, it was mentioned that a girl had transfigured a mouse into a cup.


Vera Verto comes from Latin vera, meaning "true" or "right", and Latin verto, meaning "I turn" or "I change"; hence it could translate directly to "I change right". The first word of the incantation is similar to the French word verre, meaning "glass" or "a glass", but this could not be correct as it would then translate to "I change a glass".

Latin fera means "a beast" or "an animal" and hence if the incantation were actually Fera Verto it would mean "I change a beast"


Fera Verto-PS

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