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Vera Verto 250px
Vera Verto

Vera Verto[1]



Hand Movement

Three flicks of a wand[2]


Crystal clear[2]


Transforms animals into water goblets

"Could I have your attention please? Right, now, today, we will be transforming animals into water goblets."
Professor McGonagall introduces the Vera Verto lesson to her second years[src]

Vera Verto[1] is the incantation of a spell used to transform an animal into a water goblet. Professor Minerva McGonagall taught this charm to her second year students, in lesson seven, as noted on her blackboard.


This spell is moderately difficult to perform, and disastrous if done wrong[2]. Wand movement and posture are both very important for this charm, as Professor McGonagall noted when teaching her class in September of 1992[2].

To perform the spell, one must flick their wand at the targeted animal three times, and then point their wand directly at the animal, incanting, "Vera Verto"[1][2].


Scabbers Transfiguration 01

A failed attempt by Ronald Weasley on his rat Scabbers

Once performed, a jet of nearly indiscernible, crystal-clear mist, almost like a spray, will shoot from the caster's wand, engulfing the animal and quickly morphing it into a goblet with a quiet whooshing noise[2].



"Vera Verto" is a Latin phrase meaning "truly turn". This fits rather well with its effects.

Behind the scenes


The blackboard on which Professor McGonagall wrote information pertaining to this spell

  • Despite the subtitles saying that the incantation is "Vera Verto", there is a possibility that the subtitles are wrong and that the incantation is "Fera Verto". This makes particular sense when one considers "fera" means "wild" or "wild animal"[3].
  • In the fifth game, during the O.W.L.s, one of the tests is to transform an animal into a water goblet; it is more than likely this was meant to be "Vera Verto".


Fera Verto-PS

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