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Veela magic is a special form of magic used by Veela and humans with Veela heritage. It could be used to attract men.


The magic creates an "entranced" effect, as noted in the books and hinted in the movie, wherein men (presumed to be heterosexual) fall into a trance-like stance, in which they lose sight of their surroundings and focus solely on the Veela's dance or appearance. Men are also prone to experiencing thoughts of strong desire to impress or be with the veela in question, and are strongly attracted romantically.

Some wizards seems more immune to this than most others, though the first time exposure would have a stronger effect. Men who are exposed to it over a period of time become more resistant to it, although the Veela charm takes full effect if the Veela surprises the man. It is unknown whether men with Veela heritage like Louis Weasley would also have this ability. Veela are always, and under any circumstances, physically perfect, graceful and flawless, without anything that would make them look unattractive or distract from their presence. They are perfectly aware how to increase their appeal by apparel, action or choice of words, but even these are simply details to enhance their natural appeal.

Veela also had the ability to transform into harpy-like creatures and to throw fireballs when angered.

Known users

Behind the scenes

  • It is unknown if Veela magic can affect homosexual females in the same way it does heterosexual males. It also remains unknown whether homosexual males are affected by it.