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"The contents of Harry’s potion vanished; he was left standing foolishly beside an empty cauldron."
Professor Snape vanishes Harry Potter's Draught of Peace[src]

The Vanishing Spell[1] (Evanesco[2]) is a transfiguration spell used to vanish both animate and inanimate objects.


The Vanishing Spell is one of the most complicated spells taught at Ordinary Wizarding Level[3].

It becomes more difficult with the complexity of the animal to be vanished; for instance, a snail, as an invertebrate, is rather simple, whereas the mouse, as a mammal, presents a great challenge[1].

The greatest challenge, however, is the vanishment of a kitten, which Hermione Granger managed to do by mid-year[4].



Professor Minerva McGonagall introduced this spell in her very first transfiguration class with the fifth year students, giving them a lecture and then setting them on vanishing snails[3].

When none of the students (except Hermione Granger) could perform the spell properly, Professor McGonagall told the students to practise the spell overnight, for a fresh start the next day[3].

In their second lesson, the students were given questions on the Vanishing Spell for homework[3]. On the 6th, however, the students were given a break from this spell and instead were given a long and difficult essay on the Inanimatus Conjurus Spell[7].

Later on in the year, Professor McGonagall returned the class to Vanishing Spells, this time working to make mice disappear[1]. However, in the week leading up to the Gryffindor-Slytherin match, she abstained from giving them homework so that the Gryffindor Quidditch team could practise[8].


The incantation "Evanesco" is a Latin word meaning "vanish" or "disappear"[9].

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