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The Vanishing Spell (Evanesco) is a Transfiguration spell causes things and living beings to Vanish.


The spell is practised at O.W.L. level in Transfiguration class and is considered one of the hardest spells to be tested in the Ordinary Wizarding Level exams and can be used on both the living and otherwise. As stated by Professor McGonagall, the difficulty of the Vanishing Spell increases along with the complexity of the animal to be Vanished. Hence, when taught, the class is first to Vanish snails, then mice, then kittens; snails (being invertebrates) are considered easier to Vanish than the mice, which are vertebrates and mice are considered easier than kittens, the latter of which are "higher mammals" (i.e. more complex) than mice.

History of use


Comes from the word "evanescence", something that is meaning fleeting or disappears, and from the Latin word evanesco, which means "disappear".

Behind the scenes

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