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Harry's Protection

Actualy, Voldemort's scream was that of joy.  It says in the books that Voldemort had the same protecion Harry did, so he'd be able to touch, and curse, and hurt, and kill Harry without any risk to himself.  Even if Voldemort was screaming in pain in the movie, we tend to set more store by the books. 

Also, while it is true that Expeliarmus is green, Stupifey is actualy red.  As for whatever spell Belatrix Lestraunge used in the Great Hall (which never happened in the book) that was obviously a spell disigned for mass destruction.  It would have caused more damage when it bounced off of Nagini if Ron had used it.  And why would Ron try to disarm Nagini?  Any way, catch ya later!belacreteet (talk) 19:00, February 12, 2013 (UTC)

PS I'm Belac Reteet.

PPS Oh, by the way, you should check out the Horcrux Talk Page.  We're having a debate on whether or not Horcruxes are sentient beings or inanimate objects, and could use another guy.

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