OK, J.K Rowling is one of the best writers or all time, we know that. But there are some quite mysterious secrets that are hidden throughout the series. I have looked on Pintrest and Youtube to see some pretty cool facts that you probably didn't know-

1. Hermione is actually based on J. K herself. They share the same favourite colour (lilac) and the same favourite animal (otter).

2. Dementors are a representation of depression. This is because when J. K was writing The Prisoner of Azkaban her late mother died. This was how J. K showed her depression.

3. Snape is the only (and always will be) Death Eater to produce a Patronus (The Silver Doe).

4. There was orginally going to be a character called Malfalda in the Goblet of Fire. She was going to be the Weasley's cousin and a rival to Hermione.

5.Draco does NOT get with Pansy after the Battle of Hogwarts because he hated her. 

6. Luna and Neville do NOT get together either after BOH even though the movies suggest that.

7. Emma Watson cried when she read that Sirius died.

8. George will not be able to produce a Patronus EVER (this is because all of his happy memories were of Fred).

9. Voldemort is French for 'flee from death.' It suits him!

10. And.... Dumbledore mean 'bumblebee' in Old English.

Hope this was interesting! Comment if you want to see more...

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