I was bored and though I'd create a blog post on the wonderful, snazzy Tonks! So here goes nothing:

Nymphadora Lupin (born Tonks) was born to Edwark Tonks and Andromeda Tonks who was the third sister to Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange. She was sorted into the house of Hufflepuff and was a talented Metamorphagus- meaning she could change her appearance and shape at will.

Nymphadora was occainsionally called 'Dora' but she prefered to known by her surname. As she says in the Order of the Phoenix in response to Lupin's introduction of her to Harry (telling Harry that she prefers to be called Tonks- 'so would you if your fool of a mother had called you Nymphadora.'

Tonks was an Auror at the Ministry of Magic and she tells Harry she nearly wasn't because she nearly failed one of the tests to get in because she was so clumsy! Tonks is rather clumsy and knocks over quite a few things when meeting Harry.

In the book, Tonks has a Patronus but in the movie it is never mentioned. Her orginal Patronus was a jack rabbit but upon falling in love with Lupin, it changed to a wolf. Lupin and Tonks do eventually get maried and have a son- Teddy Lupin named after his late grandfather (Tonks' dad). Teddy is a Metamorphagus like his mother and is mentioned in the Ninteen Years Later section of the Deathly Hallows erm... snogging Victorie Weasley.

Unfortunately Tonks dies in the Battle Of Hogwarts on May 2 1998. This was very sad and all but was it a good send-off for spunky Tonks? I certainly didn't think so but I can't argue with J.K...

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