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    HP Facts(I Know);

    November 19, 2014 by VoldemortsFollower

    Theres been rumor goin' 'round that the snake from the first Harry Potter, Philosophers(Sorcerers) Stone is Lord Voldemorts snake Nagini. This is a false rumor, the snake from the first movie is in fact that of a male, and a brown boa constrictor. Nagini is a green viper, and is in fact a female. If you don't believe me, then watch the movies. When the snake from the first movie speaks, it has a male voice. And later in Goblet Of Fire, you hear Naginis voice. And she has a female voice, Nagini also has golden eyes and a green color to her. She's also a lot larger than the snake from the first movie. And he is in fact brown, with brow eyes. You need to look closer at the details before assuming something. There are clear facts that should p…

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