Now, the Harry Potter Wiki contains more than 10,000 article. Isn't this just truly amazing?

Yes and no...

I think that is great that we, the Potter nerds are so engaged and I find what we have done awesome!

But - on the other hand; The Harry Potter series is only 3,000+ pages. Surely there can't be 10,000 things worth talking about. Of course, the films, the games, Pottermore, the fandom, everything has the right to be here. But I just can't imagine ANYONE going to the HP Wiki searching "Unidentified Black Death Eater at the Battle of Hogwarts (II)" - and yes, that article exist.

I suggest that we at some point must step back and think about when something requires an article. And now, with 10,000 articles, must be the perfect time.

I am one of the most pure-blood Potter fans, but seriously, I am BORED when I read about Sirius Black's letter to Harry Potter (1994) V - what does that article say. Let's see. EXACTLY what it says it book no. 4.

So my suggestion is, that before you create an article - please have a very good argument, that it is indeed necessary!

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