hey!!! i totally LOVE harry potter and everything related to him so there is a place i want to go that is everything a harry potter fan can dream of; the wizarding world of harry potter. you can actually go to hogwarts, hogsmeade,the three broomsticks and get to go on rides that use things in the world of harry potter like riding a broom or a hippogriff! i think it is an amazing idea to show people this amazing world and make harry potter fans think that their a wizard. some meerchindise there is awesome! you can buy wands, candy from honeydukes and joke objects from zonko's! i reccomend this theme park to anyone who likes harry potter and overrall rate it 4 1/2 stars. i give this theme park this number of stars because even though there is tons of things to do, i wish there was more harry potter places to go there. i can't wait to get a chance to go there!!!!! :P


~the girl who lived