did anyone see Saturday Night Live last night? i had to watch it because daniel radcliff was hosting, and they just had to do a harry potter skit. the monolouge was funny, i liked the part about "i know it is long but thats because they use the big font. you are reading a childrens book," and the thing with harry pothead and jersey shore harry potter. then they did the actual harry potter skit, which was pretty funny. the main idea was harry potter was looking around hogwarts and apparently he practically lives there now to relive the glory days. his life was all downhill from the point that he killed voldemort. he doesnt have a girlfreind, unlike ron, hermione, or even hagrid (who is married to luna lovegood, which is pretty disturbing considering he is around the same age as voldemort) all in all it was pretty funny and i was wondering if we had a spoofs section where i could post a plot synposis or something.