In all my exploring about Harry Potter party ideas, treats, other foodstuffs, etc., I've never seen anything about what Mrs. Weasley would have done for her children on their birthdays. A friend and I got to talking and had some ideas. We'd love to know what the rest of the Potterverse thinks!

We had so many ideas coming at us so fast (there may have been some Fire Whiskey involved!) and limited ourselves with a few perameters. We decided to say to ourselves, "OK. First birthday for each of the kids. We don't really know too much about the kids interests at this point in their young lives, so it will need to be based very much on Mrs. Weasley herself." Molly is a truly phenomenal character. As storybook moms tend to be, she is full of love and the need to protect her children, but she's so much more than that. We saw ultimate forgiveness and tenderness throughout the series from her where Percy was concerned, the extraordinary momma bear come out when she shouted, "Not my daughter, you bitch!" and a million examples along the way of her adoration of her children, husband, and those who were lucky enough to recieve her care, from Harry to Lupin. Molly also not only tried her best all the time, but had a certain sense of what she thought should be done for the sake of propriety, which was made clear at Bill's wedding. Molly was progressive, but certainly stood on tradition. Given all of those thoughts, here is what we decided.

When Bill had his first birthday, Molly was over the moon. First born children always get the most fabulous efforts from mom, and Molly would have been no different. His cake would have been the best that Molly could do; she'd have used her best recipes, all of her decorating prowess, and she would have presented it with pride.

When Charlie had his first birthday, we are thinking that the lovely Molly would have still wanted to have a great celebration. She would know even by age one that Charlie was wonderful with animals and would really want to show that on his cake though her decoration. Still, she had a busy toddler, a one year old Charlie, and was pregnant. With all of these things happening, though she would have tried her best, we think Charlie's cake would have come off a bit flat. He wouldn't care. He's Charlie.

It was clear well before Percy was one that he was what a mother would think of as the perfect child. And he thought the same of himself at a young age as well. Though there were children running about everywhere, Molly would have made the perfect cake for perfect Percy. White cake, white frosting, simple, clean everything. Even if she knew what was to come, she would have still done it this way.

The next round of birthdays is Fred and George. A regular mother might be tired of birthdays at this point, but this is Molly Weasley that we are talking about, so she would have gone after it with full gusto. Unfortunately, even at age one, those twins must have been trouble makers. After two or more perfect attempts which were completely ruined by those little hellions, they would end up with a thrown together cake with no frosting because there would simply not be enough ingredients around anymore. But Molly would get a smile for herself when she topped it with re-lighting candles.

Ahhh, poor Ron. We know that, though the Weasleys loved Ron to pieces, he was always sort of an afterthought. His cake, which he would beam over and eat with Ron's usual enthusiasm, would have been covered in a mashed up collection of remaining fondant bits. When they were rolled together to cover the cake, there would be spots that wound up sort of grey, but it would still be delicious.  

After so much time, and so many boys, Molly finally got her girl. Although it would ahve been clear from a young age that Ginny was more like her brothers than Molly may have liked, she would have fulfilled all of her own girly fantasies with Ginny's cake. Pink and purple bows and flowers would abound on Ginny's sweet confection, and Mrs. W would have been teary and delighted at her own accomplishments, She must have seen Ginny's future loves coming and taken advantage of how little Ginny was at age one to get the cake she always wanted to make her perfect little witch.

After coming up with these ideas, we decided there must be a way to make it work We have enlisted the efforts of a pastry chef to put together a lovely tribute to Mrs. Weasley and one very lucky little girl. Pictures to follow!