Name: Brooklyn (Brooke) Anne Malfoy

Likes: Cats, Magic, Quidditch and Wolves

Dislikes: Draco

Favorite Colour: Purple

Least Favorite Colour: Orange

Crush: To be shown later >:3

(Cons) Personality: Cold to her family, hot-headed, can be ignorant

(Pros) Personality: Nice to her friends (unless in argument), and smart

Wand: Mahogany, 13”, core is veela hair

Patronus: Wolf

House: To be revealed :)

Friends: Luna, Padama and Parvati (later: George and Hermione)

Enemies: Draco, and Fred [until later]

Pets: Cerise and Millicent

Best Classes: Astronomy, D.A.D.A, and Care of Magical Creatures

Worst Classes: Divination, Potions, and Transfiguration

Family: Draco Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy

Looks: Platinum-Blonde hair, one green eye and one red eye

Favorite Teacher: Remus Lupin

Abilities: Animagus (Any animal :3), Telepathy and can talk to animals

Short Bio: Brooke was born on October 13th, 1990 on a friday. Ever since she was 3, she could use her powers accordingly, which brought her lots of..attention. Also,Her family has considered her “Different”, because she was actually nice to others, unlike themselfs, and hate her in as many ways possible. Brooke was often found in the realm of nature, talking with animals, and styding the plant life whenever able. Finally, Brooke has not been ever allowed to talk to any of the weasleys, as they were “ruthless, and discusting”.

CHAPTER 1: The Way to Diagon Alley

                 Brooke gathered some galleons, knuts, and sickles. Then, she put on some sunglasses, walking out of her room. “Are you ready Brooklyn?” Her father asked, preparing Draco in a suit. She nodded, but didn’t say a word, peering at the table, and seeing a letter with her name on it. One picked it up pensivley, and saw the wax seal that had been stamped on the back. “Your hogwarts letter. We wanted you to open it, Brooklyn.” He sternly added, combing a brush through Draco’s hair. Brooke looked up, and got a letter opener, and tore it open. She read it to herself, and mentally noted some of the items she needed to purchase. “Father, where’s mom?” She asked, putting the letter down. “Getting our floo powder ready. We’re going to Diagon Alley via floo.” He replied, and pat Draco’s shoulder. One looked up, and nodded, walking to the fireplace and nervously clearing her throat, and her mother turned around. “Hello, dear. The floo transportation is ready, go get your brother for me, will you?” She said, turning back to the fireplace.

             Brooke nodded, and went to Draco, who was sitting on the couch, eating a green apple. “Draco. Its time to go.” She nervously peeped, and draco looked up, his eyes sharing daggers with hers. “Okay sister.” He growled, taking one last bite of the apple, throwing the core in the waste bin. Brooke winced as the core slammed to the bottom. She simply nodded and walked back to her mother, fiddling with the buckle of the strap of her satchel. “Is everyone ready?” Her mother asked. “Yes.” They all replied, each taking a handful of powder. “May I go first?” Brooke asked. “Of course dear. But don’t wander away. We don’t want you to see those terrible disgraces to pure-blood weasleys.” Her mother pursed her lips and turned away. One walked into the large fireplace and said clearly: “Diagon Alley!”

                Brooke looked around, getting out of the other fireplace she had been transported to. She smiled, seeing the books plastered along the shelfs, and the other wizards and witches about her age, that didn’t include Draco. She walked to a table, with some books such as Quidditch through the ages. She ran her hand over the leather cover of the book, and turned it over, the price was 3 sickles and a knut. Surley she could buy this, her family wouldn’t mind anyway, since they were rich snobs and all. She picked up the book, and took out her list on which stated all of the books that she had been assigned for her first year. She went to get the first book for Transfiguration, but rammed into a boy on the way.

            Brooke looked up and her eyes scanned the boy. His eyes were brown, and his hair a flaming orange. She knew exactly who this was. “Excuse me, would you move?” She said strictly, clutching her book to her chest. The boy eyed her, and soon recognized her. “Sorry, Ms. Malfoy.” He said suspiciously. Brooke’s face flushed a bright red. “Well? You heard me. Move, please.” She repeated. The boy rolled his eyes, and moved. “Thank you, weasley.” She eyed him one more time before walking to get her book. Then she shook her head. Why did she use her manners while talking to that boy?

                  She soon forgot about everything once she saw her father. “You didn’t talk to anyone suspicious, did you?” He eyed her warily. Brooke shook her head, not daring to show any evidence of the incident. He nodded. “Good. Now. Your mother and I have something to attend, so you watch over your brother. We’ll pick you up at the fireplace by six.Don’t be late.” He added, hissing the last part. Draco rolled his eyes. “Lets hurry Brooke. I want to see the new quidditch brooms.” Brooke simply nodded, and went to look for the rest of her books.


          Brooke payed for her books, and left the bookshop, sadly. “Over there.” She pointed to the quidditch store. “Now, we need to get our wands soon, so hurry up, okay?” She said, eyeing the new nimbus 2000. What an elegant broom, the finish was perfection, with a glossy glow. She eyed the price. Then shook her head. First years were never allowed on the Quidditch team, it was considered “too dangerous”. One rolled her eyes as draco muttered to some other kids he was a “Pureblood, and should be respected in these parts. and to move over because he couldn’t see properly.” brooke sighed, and after 10 minutes of anxiously staring at the broom, she walked to draco and grabbed his arm fiercley. “We. Have. To. Go.” She blurted, dragging him to ollivanders.”Why do you have to be so mean?” He growled. “Why do you have to be so ruthless?” Brooke growled back, walking into the shop.

              She looked around the dusty old shop, that seemingly looked abandoned, but she new there was a presence there. “Come out Mr. Ollivander...please? We really need to get our wands..” Brooke said to the eery darkness. A figure stepped out of the shadows. “Hello there….Malfoys.” He said with a dark tone penetrating his voice. Brooke frowned. Why did everyone hate her? He could tell the man hated her. She could tell when anyone hated her. The man sighed. “Put out your writing hand. Brooke adjusted her sunglasses, and did so, putting out her right arm. Draco put out his as well. He measured the length, but never said a word, even though his thoughts pounded into One’s mind.

              After a while of waiting, Olivannder came out, bearing 4 slim boxes- which Brooke assumed were with wands. She looked in his eyes as he handed her a single wand. She looked to the box, //the slim black box, with a golden tie around it.// Brooke was drawn by it….and was shoved in the stomach with a dull brown box with a ratty ribbon, crookedly placed. “Try this one.” Ollivander whispered, in an annoyingly mysterious tone.Brooke opened the slim box and saw a black wand in the case. She took it out. “Now flick it towards the flower pot, if you may.” Ollivander said. Brooke felt nervous, and winced as she flicked it towards the porcelain vase. It exploded into millions of pieces of glass. “Well done sister.” Draco snickered, painfully elbowing Brooke in the stomach. She peered to him, already clutching his first wand that worked perfectly for him.//Why does he have to be so perfect?// Brooke sighed, and put the box on the table. Ollivander nervously eyed Brooke and handed her the black box. In it, lied a mahogany, beautifully carved wand. (Updating Pending...)