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  • I was born on November 14
  • My occupation is Drawing art, Reading, Writing Sloppy Fanfiction, Watching Sailor Moon---
  • I am Female
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    April 16, 2016 by Sylveon13



    Name: Brooklyn (Brooke) Anne Malfoy

    Likes: Cats, Magic, Quidditch and Wolves

    Dislikes: Draco

    Favorite Colour: Purple

    Least Favorite Colour: Orange

    Crush: To be shown later >:3

    (Cons) Personality: Cold to her family, hot-headed, can be ignorant

    (Pros) Personality: Nice to her friends (unless in argument), and smart

    Wand: Mahogany, 13”, core is veela hair

    Patronus: Wolf

    House: To be revealed :)

    Friends: Luna, Padama and Parvati (later: George and Hermione)

    Enemies: Draco, and Fred [until later]

    Pets: Cerise and Millicent

    Best Classes: Astronomy, D.A.D.A, and Care of Magical Creatures

    Worst Classes: Divination, Potions, and Transfiguration

    Family: Draco Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy

    Looks: Platinum-Blonde hair, one green eye and one re…

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