Numus Nott (Pure-Blood)

1925-1977 (Aged 52)

Attended Hogwarts 1936-1943


Slug Club

First Member of the Knights of Walpurgis

Numus grew up on a large estate in the Nott Manor.  The Notts were of the last pure-blood families in the wizarding community and Numus had to carry that on his back.  Numus attended Hogwarts starting in 1936, and was sorted into the Slytherin House.  The following year Numus witnessed the arrival of young Tom Riddle who was likewise sorted into Slytherin.  Within the following school year Numus became rather fond of the yound lad, and realized the power that Tom was wishing to gain.  Although Numus was a tad bit disappointed in Tom, the fascinating boy did nothing to boast of his power.  Nevertheless Numus shared stories about Tom with his family during Christmas and summer breaks.  When Numus was in his 5th year, and Tom in his 4th, Tom asked Numus if he would want to be apart of a secret organization with himself, Tom, as the leader.  Numus eagerly accepted and so the Knights of Walpurgis was formed.  Later that year Lestrange a three others joined their group.  Only the secret society knew of Tom's constant raid on the muggle-borns in Hogwarts.  And only Numus knew of Tom's power with parseltongue.  When Numus left Hogwarts he was soon used by Tom to get Ministry information, seeing as how Tom was still at Hogwarts.  Numus also fell in love with a girl and the two got married.  In this year Tom changed the name of their group to the Death Eaters, and then was more accepting in who became his followers.  Within the next 4-5 years however nothing particularly interesting happened for the group.  Numus and his wife had a son.  Tom became employed at Borgin and Burkes, and most of his followers became Ministry workers.  Tom, if ever, only conferred with Numus on matters.  Tom then used his followers and they wrecked havoc on a nearby muggle town.  Tom and Numus both found this to be fun, and continued to do so every so often.  Numus by this time realized that his pure-blood family would not last much longer if there muggles everywhere.  Soon after Tom applied for a job at Hogwarts, he was turned down.  Numus pointed out to Tom that with all of his hair anyone could snatch some and by use of polyjuice potion could turn themselves into him.  Tom rid himself of his hair, and officially changed his name to Lord Voldemort.  Numus witnessed the first 7 years of the First Wizarding War before being killed by Voldemort himself.