Laurentis Selwyn 

1952-1998 (Aged 45)

Attended Hogwarts 1963-1970


Slytherin Chaser (64-70)

Slytherin Prefect and Head Boy

Grew up in Hogsmeade.  Both of his parents were magical folk, his parents divorced when he was 2 years of age.  His mother died when Laurentis was 10...just before he would attend Hogwarts.  All he knew about his father was that he was a Ravenclaw and that he supported Muggles and wizards becoming friends.  Laurentis then grew up searching for his father in hopes of gaining revenge for his mother although he knew nothing of why they separated.  In the summer of 1963 Laurentis received his Hogwarts acceptence letter, and was sorted into the Slytherin house.  About this same time, Molly and Arthur Weasley attended Hogwarts as well as Ted Tonks...they were all a few years ahead of him.  He resolved to make all Ravenclaws suffer as a result of his father, he showed this on the Quidditch pitch as a Chaser and won the Quidditch Cup 6 years in a row.  He pass his O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s with outstanding marks.  Became an official Death Eater in 1969 which was his last year of school.  A few year's later he, along with Regulus Black, found out about Voldemort's dark secret which was the fact that he had horcruxes and could therefore live an extrmely long time.  Regulus attempted to destroy one of the horcruxes and was unsuccessful.  Laurentis was ignorant of this and continued to look for horcruxes.  He fought in First Wizarding War...he was present at the torturing of Frank and Alice Longbottom.  He was not sent to Azkaban Prison with the 3 Lestranges and Barty Crouch Jr.  At any rate, 5 years later Laurentis was charged for being a Death Eater, he had not been so charged before this because he had claimed he was under the Imperius Curse the entire time, and was then sent to Azkaban for his criminal activities.  In 1993 Laurentis was able to escape during a Mass Breakout along with several other Death Eaters, and Bellatrix Lestrange.  Laurentis then fuelled his anger at all of those at the Ministry and re-entered the forces of Voldemort.  Laurentis then stayed in hiding until the following summer where he and several other Death Eaters got together and terrorized wizards at the 422nd Quidditch World Cup.  Laurentis was not a part of Voldemort's inner circle so he was not present when Voldemort returned.  Laurentis fought in the Second Wizarding War which was where he met Death.  During the 2nd War however he was present in the forest when Voldemort himself destroyed one of his horcruxes (Harry Potter.)  After witnessing this Laurentis met his death at the hands of Professor Minerva McGonagall.